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A Doggie Halloween

Did your dog enjoy Halloween?

These pictures give us one last look into the Halloween season for the year.

We can’t deny that fall is truly the best season for Instagram-worthy snaps full of autumn leaves, Halloween costumes and the pumpkin patch.

And this adorable pup just won with Internet with his pumpkin patch photo shoot.


He’s totally nailed that sassy over-the-shoulder pose for his photographer human.


He’s even got the best Halloween outfit we’ve seen so far. And those pink glasses, too? Wow.

Apparently, he’s not the only dog who’s modeled for a pumpkin patch photo shoot. We have Rambo, too, who has his own Instagram account.


Then you have these cheery corgis in penguin costumes…;


And this French bulldog in his signature bandanna.


This one’s Tinkerbell, well-camouflaged amongst the pumpkins (sort of).


Here’s cute Marnie who can model with a pumpkin and hold one too. Good girl!


Well, this pug looks perfectly adorable as a magical unicorn, even if he doesn’t look very sure about the whole thing.


And this English Bulldog is just loving it all.



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