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Deputies Trained to NOT Shoot Dogs

More cities need to take the initiative to train their officers about aggressive dogs and how to handle them.

In San Antonio, Texas 450 sheriffs’ deputies are gathering up to train specifically in what to do when encountering an aggressive dog.  The training comes after much public outcry over police officers shooting dogs during raids and busts.

Sergeant Steve Amerson calls the training a refresher course.  It’s very similar to the training that the officers went through roughly four years ago.

“It’s a refresher, and it also seems like this is a hot topic. Officers involved shootings with canines is on the forefront,” said Sgt. Amerson.

This training will reinforce what they have already learned.  Also it gives officers some options when it comes to dogs, so there should be less shootings of innocent dogs.  Amerson said it’s all about reading the dog body language and personality.

“Officers are shown how read the character and personality of the dog.  If the officer has time, he can make a better decision.  Whether it’s worth it to go further into the path of where he’s going or should just walk back out,” he said.

The 450 deputies, once fully trained, will leave the Bexar County Sheriffs’ Training Grounds and pass the information around to all of their fellow officers.  Once everyone is trained and ready to go, there should be far fewer tragic stories of dogs being needlessly shot and killed during a police operation.


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