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Is A ‘Dog Year’ Really 7 Years?

You may have heard that dogs age differently than humans. But is it true?

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You may have heard that dogs age differently from people – it’s the old notion of a “dog year,” right?

The idea that one year for humans equals about seven years for a pooch. But is this true, or just some tall tale – a shaggy dog story, if you will?

Well, yes and no. Mainly, no.

The size of a dog affects its life expectancy, as does its breed and expected adult weight. Generally we can make a good guess at a dog’s age range based on these factors.


Interesting side note – if this whole “7 years” thing is a myth (and it is!) then where did it come from? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, veterinarian William Fortney speculated that this may have originated as a “marketing ploy,” meant to encourage pet owners to bring their dogs in for check-ups once a year.

Check out all the details in the video…

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