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Funny Ditzy Dogs Pet Video Compilation 2016

From failing to catch a treat, to playing with an imaginary pond on an iPad, these clips capture dogs at some of their ditziest moments.

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Original Links:
Confused Dog Tries to Find Puppies on Computer Screen

Chihuahua Dog Tries to Get Toy

Dog Falls into Water Jumping for Toy

Dog Confused by Open Glass Door

Dog Tries to Catch Swiffer Duster

Chihuahua Can’t Open Door

Cocker Spaniel Can’t Figure out How to Get Ball from Chair

Dog Startled by Reflection Staring Back at Him

Dog Can’t Get Stick Through Gap

Dog Fails to Get Last Piece of Pizza

Guy Tricks Dog with Toy and Grabs Him

Dog Barks at Windshield Wipers

Dog Tries to Fit Bone through Doggy Door

Dog Can’t Grab Ball in Water

Dog vs. Food

French Bulldog Playing on iPad Pond

Dog Catching Treats

Dog Wants to Eat Peanut

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