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Heartbeats Of Dogs And Owners Sync-Up When They’re Reunited

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But recently it has emerged that that connection runs even deeper.

So much so that according to a recent study, the hearts of dogs and their owners can become in sync with one another.


The study, conducted by Monash University in Australia and Pedigree Petfoods, took three pairs of dogs and their owners and hooked them all up to heart rate monitors.

Dogs and owners were separated and the change in their heartbeats recorded.

After being reunited, something incredible happened: within one minute, both heartbeats dropped significantly and synced-up to each other.


Mia Cobb, the canine expert who led the study alongside Dr Craig Duncan, told Huffington Post that the results showed how the dog-human relationship is mutually advantageous in lowering stress levels.

“This project is a really good illustration of what most owners experience every night when they come home from work and are reunited with their companion,” Cobb said.


“This kind of effect of experiencing a lowered heart rate makes a significant difference to our overall well-being. If we can decrease our heart rate by hanging out with our animals, that’s something that can really benefit the community.”


So there you have it — yet more evidence that dogs are our best friends. Just don’t hug them too much, apparently they hate it.







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