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How About A Dog Sleepover?

LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia, started an awesome thing to help get more of their lonely shelter pups adopted.

The adorably brilliant idea? Doggy. Sleepovers.


To experiment, they started off with this fella, Paul Anka, who spent nine long months waiting for a forever home.


Staff at LifeLine dressed him up in PJs (doggy PJ’s!) and posted the video below, offering someone to take him home for the night.

The shelter already had a ‘Dog for a Day’ program that let potential pup-parents play around with the furry babies for a day. With Paul, they decided to try overnight visits.

“Paul was a great sport for his photo and video shoot. He really loved his pajamas,” Karen Hirsch, public relations director for LifeLine said.

One lucky family took Paul home and it was pretty much love at first sight.


“The next morning we spoke with the family, and they said he was wonderful and they couldn’t believe that he had been at the shelter for so long,” Karen said.

“They asked if he could stay longer, and the next day called to say they wanted to adopt him!”

Paul’s sleepover went so well that LifeLine is now dressing up even more of their pups in pajamas in hopes that they can find their forever homes too.


“It helps people get to know a dog better. In Paul’s case, his new family has been hesitant to adopt a pit bull, but when they had him overnight, all their hesitations went right out the window.”

While pit bulls are incredibly loyal, silly, and make great companion dogs, people’s preconceptions make it much harder for them to get adopted.

The sleepovers are also a great way for dogs to get a break from shelter life.


If you’re in Atlanta and want doggy sleepover, you can contact


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